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2019-04-09 20:00:00

Drug Herbal Interactions - A study into this effect

Drug Herbal Interactions - A study into this effect

Regulatory authorities mandate detailed metabolism & elimination studies for all Investigational New Drugs (INDs). The metabolism studies identify the enzymes that catalyze the main systemic and pre-systemic elimination pathways. Important interactions between drugs can be predicted by using a list of drugs that are inhibitors or inducers of a specific enzyme providing a framework for prediction of interactions and simplifying the search for interacting drugs.
Currently, no metabolism profiling guidelines exist for herbal products and therefore such interactions have not been characterized. ContraRx is building a comprehensive database based on scientific evaluation of interactions of the herbal products and metabolizing enzymes. 
Such a database will be critical in predicting herbal-drug interactions that might alter the bioavailability of orally administered drugs, effecting the activity/efficacy profiles.
Pharmaco Adherence
PharmacoAdherence refers to adherence by the patient to the medication schedule/regimen prescribed by the health care provider over an extended period of time. Medication non-adherence is a significant problem, especially in long-term treatments associated with chronic conditions, ranging from 20% to 82%. Non-adherence associated unfavorable outcomes result in excessive health care costs. The global medication adherence market size was valued at $1.6 billion in 201, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3%.
ContraRx is integrating best in class PharmacoAdherence tools for our users, synchronized with our Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacogenomics suite of offerings.

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