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2020-04-14 22:00:00

Drug and your Genetics - A study into this effect

Drug and your Genetics - A study into this effect

Pharmacogenomics is the use of genetic testing to maximize drug efficacy and avoid adverse effects based on personalized genetic information. ContraRx will offer personalized PharmacoGenomic services utilizing patients stem cell derived hepatocytes. This personalized pharmacogenomic information can play a key role in making better prescription decisions and clinical actions.
Response rates to common drugs are as low as 50%–75%, indicating that up to half of patients see no benefit from prescription drugs. 20%–95% of this variability in response to individual drugs can be attributed to genetic difference in the patients. These genetic differences between individuals can affect drug absorption, metabolism, or activity, differentiating them as Convetional Poor (PM), Intermediate (IM), Extensive or Normal (EM/N) or Ultrarapid drug metabolizers.
Primary human hepatocytes are commonly used to evaluate liver drug metabolism and toxicity but are not suitable for evaluating genotype-phenotype associations. Current Pharmacogenomic services are based on genetic screening assays with approaches that can miss risk variants still not identified, or occurring at lower frequencies. These approaches also have a high attrition rates. Stem cell derived hepatocytes (SCDHs) have the potential to overcome access and function-related limitations associated with prevalent assays
ContraRx drug profiling utilizing patient’s own stem cell derived hepatocytes will yield actual metabolism data. This will allow truly personalized prescription dosing recommendation tailored to the patient’s own drug metabolism profile, thereby circumventing adverse drug reactions and drug ineffectiveness based on genetic variability.

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