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2020-04-14 02:00:00

Drug Food Interactions - A study into this effect

Drug Food Interactions - A study into this effect

A drug-food interaction occurs when your food and medicine interfere with one another. Interactions can happen with both prescription and over-the-counter medicines. These include antacids, vitamins, and iron pills. Not all medicines are affected by food. Some, though, are affected by what you eat or when you eat it. Taking medicine at the same time you eat can cause your body not to absorb the medicine. Or certain foods may delay or decrease the absorption of the drug. For example, you should not combine dairy and antibiotics. This is why some medicines should be taken on an empty stomach (1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating).

Some medicines cannot be taken with certain types of food. The food can cause a reaction that changes the effect of the medicine. It also can create or heighten side effects. An example of this is having grapefruit or grapefruit juice with cholesterol drugs. If you take an ACE inhibitor, you should avoid foods high in potassium, such as bananas.
On the other hand, some medicines are easier to handle when taken with food. If you don’t take them with food, you may feel nauseous or dizzy.
Precautions Recommended are as follows:

Read the prescription label on the container. If you don’t understand something, ask your doctor or pharmacist;

Read all directions, warnings, and interaction precautions. Even over-the-counter medicines can cause problems;

Take all medicine with a full glass of water, unless your doctor tells you otherwise;

Do not stir medicine into your food or take capsules apart, unless your doctor tells you to. This can change the way the drug works;

Do not mix medicine into hot drinks. Heat may keep the drug from working;

Do not take vitamins at the same time you take other medicine. Vitamins and minerals can cause problems if taken with some drugs;

Certainly not take medicine with alcohol. 

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