About us

Your Partner for Pharmacovigilance

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are the 4th leading cause of deaths in USA (over 106,000 deaths, $136 billion health care costs associated annually), ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia and automobile deaths. Negligible controls, non-liable stakeholders and predominant use of generic drugs make the CURRENT pharmacovigilance resources and databases inefficient in the developing countries.

Contrarx is developing the most current and technologically advanced patient centric mHealth drug data and drug decision support engine Application Program Interface (API) for patient self-reporting. Our patient driven drug monitoring system is designed to overcome the challenges and shortcomings of the current databases. Our intelligent algorithms enable the users from diverse geographic locations to easily and efficiently input queries using regionally prevalent drug and generic brand names.

Our Mission.

Is to deliver better drug information for all areas of healthcare to drive better decisions by developing a next generation drug database and drug decision support engine for fast and easy integration for: Drug-Drug Interaction, Pharmacoadherence, Pharmacogenomics, Drug Pricing & Analysis, Clinical Pharmacology and Patient Drug Education.

Our Vision.

Is to empower patients to take drug management in their own hands, especially in the developing countries by developing a patient-centric pharmacovigilance system for monitoring and reporting Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) & Drug-Drug Interactions (DDIs).