Empowering Patients to Take Drug Management in Their Own Hands.

Polypharmacy, the simultaneous use of multiple drugs to treat patients, projects a significant increase in possible adverse interactions among the drugs being co-consumed. Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) cause over 106,000 deaths, 74,000 emergency room visits and 19,000 hospitalizations annually in USA alone, making ADRs the 4th leading cause of death in US, ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia and automobile deaths.

Current Pharmacovigilance resources are predominantly provider focused, leaving the decision making in the hands of 3rd parties. These resources are not universally applicable due to geographic fragmentation in drug branding, use of generic drugs and non-liable stakeholders due to differences in insurance structure, enforcement of medical profession liability and medicine dispensing and prescription practices etc.

All these are the drivers for a universally functional, patient driven potential ADR testing/ reporting system. ContraRx offers the most current and technologically advanced patient centric Health drug data and drug decision support engine for patient self-reporting. Our patient driven drug monitoring system is designed to overcome the current challenges and shortcomings. Our intelligent algorithms enable the users from diverse geographic locations to easily and efficiently input queries using regionally prevalent drug and generic brand names.

Additionally, ContraRx integrates auxiliary services impacting safe drug consumption to offer the best in class Pharmacovigilance tools for our users, synchronized with our PharmacoAdherence (like medication non-adherence) and Pharmacogenomics (genetic make-up based variability to drug response) suite of offerings.


Protecting patients from ADRs and drug ineffectiveness based on their genetic makeup.

Current Pharmacogenomic services are based on genetic screening assays with approaches that can miss risk variants still not identified, or occurring at lower frequencies. These approaches also have a high attrition rates. ContraRx is offering personalized PharmacoGenomic services to patients to yield truly individualized drug metabolism profiles instead of inferences from standardized results. Our tools will yield personalized prescription dosing recommendation tailored to the patient’s own drug metabolism profile.


Technologically Promoting Patient Medication Regimen Adherence.

Medication non-adherence, ranging from 20% to 82%, is a significant problem in long-term treatments associated with chronic conditions. The non-adherence causes nearly 125,000 deaths, 10 % of hospitalizations and costs between $100–$289 billion a year. ContraRx is integrating best in class PharmacoAdherence tools for our users. Synchronized with our Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacogenomics suite of offerings, we are your most current and technologically advanced one stop shop for easy and integrated PharmacoVigilance, PharmacoAdherence and PharmacoGenomics resources.

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We have the most current, accurate and technologically advanced drug data and drug decision support engine with data source formatted to incorporate regionally prevalent drugs in developing countries customized for non-medical professional end users for self-testing and reporting potential DDI's

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